Specialized care to refill, adjust & monitor intrathecal pumps.

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Pentec Health Targeted Drug Delivery

Patients with intrathecal pump therapy require individual attention and consistent observation to monitor for side effects of their medication. Pentec Health’s DrugPlus® Select allows patients to be seen in their preferred environment to manage their pain or spasticity, enabling treatment to be more efficient and worry-free.


Pentec Health nurses utilize an electronic medical record system which provides all data, including assessments, telemetries, and prescriptions, to physicians on-demand.


Our nurses are experienced with all approved intrathecal pumps and perform over 20,000 refills annually. Our pharmacists are trained in medication reconciliation and perform routine drug utilization reviews with 20,000+ reconciliations and 400+ reviews completed annually.


Our nurses and pharmacists are available 24/7/365 to provide any answers to you or assistance that a patient may need.

How We Can Partner with You

Our goal is to make targeted drug delivery uncomplicated for both patients and doctors.

Patients & Caregivers

Intrathecal pump refills don’t have to be a source of stress. Pentec Health employs more than 120 full-time Registered Nurses who are highly trained in all IT pump models and experts at providing support. Eligible patients can also receive regularly scheduled RN visits to have pump refills done in the comfort of their preferred environment.

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Pain Management & PM&R Physicians

Pentec Health offers patients individualized treatment, quality specialized compounded medication and expert care in a familiar setting with our DrugPlus® Select program. We will partner with your practice and collaborate with you to develop a goal-oriented, customized plan of care for your patient.

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