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At Pentec, our heroes are the people and the organizations that we serve. Our role begins with the opportunity to help our customers reach their healthcare goals by solving their complex care challenges. We achieve this goal through:

  • Empathy – Complex care patients deserve healthcare delivered with empathy, valuing individuals as people who deserves respect
  • Technical expertise – Complex care challenges require healthcare professionals with exceptional technical capabilities and training that goes far beyond basic certification
  • Collaboration – Complex care works best when all caregivers and healthcare professionals work together to create personalized solutions and shared support for each patient

Our success comes from directly challenging assumptions within our industry. We find exceptional talent, train our team more deeply than required, deliver work-life balance, and encourage stability through new opportunities within our organization.

We treat each patient as an individual deserving of empathy and companionship – and use those relationships to identify opportunities to improve quality of care above and beyond expectations. We also respect providers’ expertise and the daily demands on their time.

Finally, we solve complex care challenges by using the expertise of anyone and everyone in our organization. When you work here or coordinate with us as a provider, your opinion matters. Other healthcare organizations talk about valuing your input. We incorporate that process into our fundamental business and caregiving model.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Appropriate levels of care, reasonably and fairly priced
  • Long-term patient-caregiver relationships that establish the trust necessary for open communications and stronger results
  • Minimal care disruption or miscommunication due to excessive staff turnover
  • Exceptional quality of care that prevents mistakes
  • A truly holistic approach that anticipates and mitigates interrelated threats that traditional care typically fails to recognize

Pentec Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition plays an essential role in complex care. Protein depletion, amino acid balance, hydration, and many other elements help give metabolic support to withstand treatment and rebuild physical strength for each patient.

Pentec Specialty Care

Infusion treatments, whether on premises or at home, require highly specialized training, especially for pain relief or anesthesia via the spinal column. Trust becomes essential for these higher-risk infusion therapies, especially for situations that require ongoing treatments for each patient.

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