Receive unmatched care and customer service with your intrathecal pump therapy.

If you are currently undergoing or are about to begin intrathecal (implanted) pump therapy, you should know that Pentec Health provides more than medication for pump refills. Our Registered Nurses are known throughout the healthcare field for their expertise, compassion and superior in-home patient care. You can also trust us to handle all aspects of the insurance and billing process to get your infusion therapy started.

Meet some of our nurses below.

Support Services

Count on us for personalized attention and 24/7 reliable support. Learn how we bring you peace of mind by dealing with your insurance company, preparing your medication and providing in-home nursing service for pump refills.

Patient Support

We handle the insurance and billing so you can focus on health and healing. Our Patient Support Associates are experts in the billing of intrathecal pump therapy. They work directly with your doctor’s office to obtain all relevant documentation and have extensive experience and training in dealing with insurance companies in order to obtain authorization for your therapy.

  • Pentec Health associates cut through red tape quickly to assist you with a smooth start of the intrathecal pump therapy you need.
  • After receiving the referral from your doctor’s office, we will begin the approval and registration process.
  • Have an insurance question? Call us Monday-Friday, 8-5pm at 800-223-4376.

Intrathecal Drug Preparation

Pentec Health pharmacists and technicians are specially trained in preparing pump medications. These sterile medications are expertly prepared at our specialty compounding pharmacy to meet your individual needs.

  • Sterile medications follow your doctor’s prescription.
  • Lower medication doses, as compared to oral administration, may decrease side effects.
  • Have an important question about your medication? Contact a Pharmacist 24/7 at 800-223-4376.

Collaboration with Physicians

If you experience physical discomfort during transportation to your physician’s office or require frequent pump refills, you could benefit immensely from the convenience of our in-home intrathecal pump management services through our nursing team. Our nurses don’t replace your physician, but we act as an in-home extension of his or her office. Once we have secured coverage from your health plan, we will assign a professional nurse to you who will contact you and your doctor to determine a convenient date to begin in-home service. In case of an emergency, we will contact your physician to work closely with him or her.

  • During the initial visit, a complete medical history and medication profile will be completed along with a physical examination which includes a pain or spasticity assessment.
  • If your physician has elected for one of our nurses to refill your pump, our nurse will have all the necessary equipment and medication to perform your pump refill.
  • Your nurse will provide you with a copy of the telemetry printout and 24/7 emergency contact information during every visit.
  • Experiencing a health-related issue? Contact a Registered Nurse 24/7 at 800-223-4376.

Meet Our Nurses

Below are just a few of our over 200 Targeted Drug Delivery nurses. Click their image to learn more.

Trust the unmatched expertise and care of our Nursing Team

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