Debra Huff

Nurse Director

Debra (Debbie) Huff is a bachelor-prepared registered nurse and has been practicing nursing for 15 years. Additionally,  she holds a BS in Elementary Education.  Debbie has nursing experience that includes Labor and Delivery, Home Health, and Fertility.  She has over 10 years of experience holding various leadership positions.


Debbie came to Pentec in 2013 as a TDD Registered Nurse.  In 2015, Debbie volunteered to be the Pathways to Excellence Coordinator. Under her leadership the Pentec Nursing Department was the first home health organization to obtain Pathways to Excellence (2016-2019) designation.  In 2016 Debbie was promoted to the nurse leadership team where she currently holds a position as Nurse Director. Debbie has a strong interest in helping others practice with passion. She has been closely involved in the development of the departments Shared Governance structure. Debbie has been the chair of the Coordination and Integration Council and currently serves as the Advisor. In addition, Debbie enjoys introducing new nurses to Pentec. She has been involved in the application process for the Intrathecal Nurse Fellowship program, for which Pentec was awarded accreditation in 2019. Debbie continues to participate in the Fellowship as a Nurse Director Facilitator for NU 100 and will be helping the department in obtaining reaccreditation for the current Fellowship program in 2023.


Debbie embraces the key concepts that Pentec champions including safety, competency, teamwork, professional practice, and satisfaction on a daily basis. She believes that every day brings an opportunity to learn and that practicing with passion benefits both our patients, colleagues, and Pentec.