Jamie Schultz

Nurse Director

Jamie Schultz is a bachelor-prepared registered nurse and has been practicing nursing for thirty years.  Her previous experience included Emergency Department, Home Health, School Nurse, and 25 years in leadership positions.


Jamie came to Pentec in 2008, participating in the opening of the Ohio market.  She quickly accelerated to a leadership position and has continued to enjoy various leadership positions, currently as a Nurse Director.   Jamie's interest in policy and practice has kept her participating in the Nurse Practice Council for 11 years, and led to the development of the NPC Open Forum, initiated in 2021.  She has multiple regulatory states, has participated in several state surveys and is the State Administrator for New Mexico and Utah.


In 2020 Jamie became more involved in the Fellowship program.  In concert with Clinical Leaders she hosts the NU 400 Emergency Management course for all new hires, and she has created a nurse-specific, Covey-based resource course, NU 401 Living the 7 Habits at Pentec,  to prepare new Fellows in effective practice habits and self-renewal.