Kate Spencer, MSN, RN

Executive Nurse Director, Educational Operations Intrathecal Nurse Fellowship Program Director

Kate Spencer, having served over 40 years in the profession of Nursing serves Pentec Health as an Executive Nurse Director, Educational Operations and as the Program Director for the ANCC accredited Intrathecal Nurse Fellowship. Kate has held many leadership roles in her career prior to joining Pentec in 2009. Having earned a Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina in Health Organizational Leadership, her professional focus is centered on Professional Development and Executive Leadership.

Initiated in 2017, Kate successfully led the transformation of an ANCC accredited Nursing Skills Competency Program into Pentec’s Intrathecal Nurse Fellowship in 2019, earning the honor of the award with Distinction.  Fellowship Accreditation validates that our training program is spearheading the standard of care for Intrathecal Therapy on a national level and demonstrates our commitment to quality patient care through continuous professional development of our nursing team.   

Kate began her nursing career practicing in pain management at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and later at the Cornell Medical Center-New York Hospital’s Burn Trauma unit. Thereafter, she left the hospital setting choosing to practice in the home environment as a specialty infusion nurse for the majority of her nursing career. She passionately believes in the ability to increase positive patient outcomes through the long term nurse-patient relationship afforded by the home care environment.