Tim Herrera

Nurse Director

Tim Herrera has been an RN for 23 years, initially working in med-surg and rehab. He then transitioned to Home Infusion where for 20 years has been refilling intrathecal pumps and understanding the business of infusion therapy.

Tim joined Pentec in 2014 with assisting in the opening of the Colorado market. During this time, extensive travel around the southwest region afforded him experiences that built a solid foundation for growth. In 2019, Tim transitioned to the role of Senior Nurse and participated in many leadership projects and events that contributed to positive outcomes both as an individual and for Pentec. In 2022 he took the role of Nurse Director and continues to apply past experiences to new challenges to ensure positive outcomes and growth.

Outside of Pentec, Tim continues to apply his leadership skills in the sport of archery. As a coach, he has helped many athletes achieve multiple national titles. In 2020, with one of his athletes qualifying, he was named as a coach for Team USA in the Pan-American games in Monterrey, Mexico.