Complex Care Is A Journey

We're Your Champion, Every Step of the Way

Pentec Health improves healthcare by solving and simplifying complex care challenges not addressed by other providers.

Our unique solutions, based on empathy, technical expertise, and collaboration, deliver exceptional results through proven delivery models that honor patients’ and providers’ time and needs, and improve outcomes through trusted, long-term relationships. This deep and specific approach reduces administrative burdens while delivering treatment in the setting that best serves each patient. By basing care on respect for patients, providers and our professionals, we have built an innovative process for addressing complex care that delivers proven, replicable results that can expand to serve the broader healthcare industry.

Success Stories

People are the heroes at Pentec Health. By that, we mean our patients and their loved ones just as much as we mean our talented caregivers. Check out these success stories to discover what happens when extraordinary care meets extraordinary people.

Meet Sheryl — What Matters Most

Meet Sheryl

Learn How IDPN/IPN Therapy Helped Sheryl Increase Her Appetite, Even on Dialysis

Meet Kevin — What Matters Most

“It was amazing how fast my numbers shot up. Protein along with the treatment has definitely improved my quality of life.”

— Neil

Meet Neil — What Matters Most

Therapy Areas

We are your partner through the full breadth of complex care therapies. Our expertise in each of these areas gives us the ability to build individualized programs, delivered by exceptionally well-trained staff who support every patient as someone with unique long-term goals and needs.

Pentec Renal Nutrition

Targeted nutrition that directly addresses the often-debilitating effects of long-term dialysis treatments.


Pentec Medical Foods

Pentec Health understands the role Medical Foods play in the dietary management of certain rare diseases, and we recognize that these conditions present unique challenges that demand specialized care and innovative solutions.


Pentec Intrathecal Services

Intrathecal pump management requires careful training and administration. Pentec Health provides market-leading care for this crucial pain management segment.



Our decades of experience, superior training, and innovative staff retention programs deliver individualized programs that help simplify complex care. Explore the full range of Pentec Health product offerings to see how our approach generates a demonstrably smarter, more caring approach to complex care.


Pentec Renal Nutrition


Pentec Renal Nutrition

Pentec Intrathecal Services

Spasticity and pain management requires careful training and administration. Pentec Health provides market-leading care for this crucial pain management segment.


Don’t go through multiple healthcare providers for empathetic, coordinated complex care. If you, your patient, or your loved one lives with one or more of the following conditions, then Pentec Health is your destination for the superior care and long-term relationships that make a crucial difference in quality of life.

Chronic Kidney Disease

End Stage Renal Disease