July 20, 2018 / News and Events

35 Years of Pentec Health: What Our Longest-Standing Employees Have to Say

Photo: Employees brought in Pentec Health memorabilia to be displayed for our 35th anniversary.

Pentec Health is celebrating 35 years of exceptional service in 2018. We have always been a company built on service and caring; who better to testify to this than those who have been with us since the beginning? We asked our longest-standing employees, some of which have been with us for 25 years, to give us some insight into Pentec Health’s past and some advice for the future. Here’s what they had to say.

When did you start at Pentec Health? Tell us a bit about what is what like then.

“June of 1991. Pentec only had 13 employees. It was like the TV show Cheers, ‘everybody knew your name’.” – Mike Dougherty, Pharmacy

How has Pentec Health grown and changed over the years?

“Well, we went from about 28 people [when I started] to approximately 600 employees, and from one small building to 5 local buildings and [some] satellite buildings. And we did not have email! We used the pink ‘you have a message’ tablets.”– Barbara Embert, Human Resources

“We have grown immensely and have moved from the building I started in on Chelsea Drive, to 4 Creek Parkway, then 3 Creek Parkway and now at Applied Card Way. The best change was when Joe Cosgrove joined Pentec Health.” – Karen Matey, Revenue Cycle Management

Do you have a funny story to share that includes other Pentec Health employee?

“A funny story was when Joe Cosgrove was introducing himself as the new leader of Pentec Health. The employee number was about 30 then. In his PowerPoint Presentation his last slide was a picture of the Super Bowl banner hanging from Giants stadium. Being deep in Eagle country he said ‘this is was champions look like!’.” – Mike Dougherty

Do you have a favorite memory of your time here?

“There are so many, it’s hard to pick just one. I had a flat tire one day [on] a Monday, and don’t know how to change a tire. I called the Warehouse department and they sent [an employee] to help me. [He] changed the tire, followed me to a repair shop, and drove me to work. When my car was done, he took me to pick up the car. When there was bad weather, [another employee] would call me at 7:30 in the morning to see if I wanted to ride in to work.” – Barbara Embert

“Why I have stayed so long is what has occurred through the last several days. The support and caring of the people I work with is awe-inspiring. People do still really care for one another.” – Karen Boyer, Nursing

What advice do you have for your fellow Pentec Health employees?

“Enjoy the ride as we continue to grow.” – Karen Matey