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Clinical Nutrition

Nutrition plays an essential role in complex care. Protein depletion, amino acid balance, hydration, and many other elements help give each patient the metabolic support to withstand treatment and rebuild physical strength.

These market-leading Pentec Health services include:

However, nutritional support therapy represents only a small part of our holistic approach to complex care. We also provide a full range of auxiliary services that simplify and streamline other issues that frequently frustrate quality, affordable complex care.

Renal Clinical Case Management

Supports nephrologists and clinicians focused on improving outcomes in malnourished patients. These Renal Registered Dietitians become the primary clinical point person to onboard and maintain each patient, confirming that patients meet qualification criteria for therapy prior to starting therapy, as well as participate actively in authorizing and reauthorizing of patients.

Renal Pharmacy Services

Our renal pharmacists are board certified in nutritional support. This 24/7 team helps manage electrolyte disorders and refeeding issues. By personalizing treatments, the renal pharmacy program’s sterile compounding provides sterile, high-quality nutritional solutions, closely monitored for effectiveness and dosage adjustment.

Reimbursement Team

Complex care is, well, complex – even for healthcare professionals. We maintain contracts with both government and private insurers. This experience means we understand all requirements for reimbursement and provide our patients with the best possible choices for therapy coverage. We also assist with insurance verification and prior authorizations from insurance carriers.

Client Billing and Support

We work with you and with your providers’ offices to ensure that our services match your needs. Our payment specialists assist patients with understanding their benefits and/or patient responsibilities. At the same time, our client support team works with our pharmacy and nursing team to provide the best level of support for each patient.

Therapy Areas

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