Specialty Care

Specialty Care

Infusion treatments, whether on premises or at home, require highly specialized training, especially for pain relief or anesthesia via the spinal column. Trust becomes essential for these higher-risk infusion therapies, especially for situations that require ongoing treatments.

Pentec Health’s highly-trained staff have both the knowledge and the experience to establish long-term relationships with patients. This stability often leads to friendships and open communications that, in turn, help identify both opportunities for improved care and rapid discovery of potential complications.

Our core specialty care services include:

As with our nutritional products, our holistic approach extends well beyond the care regimen itself. We also have support services unique to these practice areas that help manage the paperwork and other complication so that complex care becomes both streamlined and simpler.

Pentec Health Clinical Assistance Program

Pentec Health offers a Clinical Assistance Program to support clinicians with the treatment of malnourished dialysis patients. Pentec Health’s Clinical Case Manager specializes in Renal Nutrition and Nutrition Support and strives to maximize a patient’s response to IDPN and IPN therapy.