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Who We Are

Pentec Health simplifies and solves complex care challenges not addressed by other providers. Backed by 40 years of successful experience, our unique solutions for at-home and outpatient care combine exceptional expertise with high degrees of empathy and trust. The resulting long-term relationships yield higher quality healthcare with significantly fewer administrative burdens, benefitting patients, providers, and payers alike.

Our Values

We are committed to a culture of honesty and transparency. We will always hold the interests and well-being of our customers and colleagues in highest regard.

We work purposefully with providers, payers, manufacturers and each other to deliver seamless care while advocating for our patients to take control of their healthcare.

We regard challenges and setbacks as opportunities to re-examine, learn, and grow. Managing through difficult circumstances strengthens our people, processes, and relationships.

Our focus on evidence-based practices and thorough measurement of results means the best patient care with superior outcomes while meeting our financial commitments.

Actively engaging and listening to each patient that we serve enables us to have a better understanding of their unique needs.

Our tireless determination to innovate elevates the care we provide.

History Highlights

In 1983, “PENtech Infusions” began as a small regional pharmacy meeting the needs of dialysis patients and patients with severe pain or spasticity. Over the years, the company expanded into a leading provider of compounded sterile products and, in 1999, was accredited by the Joint Commission. In 2006, we were acquired by private equity, adopting the more comprehensive name, Pentec Health. In 2014, we became the only Nurse Training Program to be accredited by the ANCC. Today, Pentec Health stands as a top leader, simplifying and solving complex care challenges not addressed by other providers.

Our Executive Team

Exceptional care starts with extraordinary leadership. Pentec Health’s Executive Team leads the company with unmatched expertise and integrity.

Matthew Deans

President and Chief Executive Officer
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Jeff Baker

Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer
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Steven Behrens

Executive Vice President, Targeted Drug Delivery
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Ed Dean

Senior Vice-President, Human Resources
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Kendra Howard

Executive Vice-President of Operations and Clinical Services
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Tim Leffler

Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer
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Eric Mollman

Chief Financial Officer
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Bob Pettit

Executive Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management
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Lisa Scannapieco

Vice President of Corporate and Regulatory Compliance
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Jeri Schweikert

Executive Vice-President, Business Development
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David Lindsley

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Medical Foods
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