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Submit Insurance Updates

You can submit or update your insurance information with Pentec Health, including optional insurance card photos, by visiting our insurance form portal. Once you submit your information you will receive an email confirmation.

How to Request a Copy of Your Medical Records

Step 1: Fill Out the Form

To request a copy of your medical records for yourself or to have your medical records sent to a doctor’s office or other third-party, download and complete the Authorization to Disclose Health Information form.

Authorization To Release Documents

PDF (Adobe PDF document) — 514.5kb

View / Download

All fields on the form must be completed and signed by you or your designated representative and clearly state the dates of service, the specific type of record(s) desired, and the reason for the request. If your designated representative is signing for you, please indicate why under the signature line.

You can also ask for copies of this form to be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to you.

Step 2: Submit the Form

Once completed, please use one of the following methods of communication to submit the form back to us. As soon as we receive your completed form, we can begin processing your request:

Fax:  800-355-1029

Email: Compliance@pentechealth.com

Or mail to:

Pentec Health Inc.
4 Creek Parkway
Boothwyn, PA 19061
ATTN:  Compliance Department

Costs for Copies

In accordance with federal and state laws, processing fees and copying charges may apply.

If the record is being released directly to you, your physician or another health care facility, there is no charge associated with copying your records.