December 30, 2020 / Blog

A Look Back at 2020 with Pentec Health

As we take the time to reflect on 2020, it’s important to remember that it has been one of the most unique years we have ever experienced. As a company, we’ve had to adapt and implement measures to ensure the safety of our patients and employees. In our industry, it’s imperative to be there for our patients regardless of the circumstances, while also protecting our employees. We take pride in serving our patients and continuing to shine a light on end-stage renal disease as well as chronic pain and spasticity. Here are a few ways we accomplished that goal this past year:

National Kidney Month

For the month of March, we dedicated our platforms to sharing the amazing stories of real kidney patients and their struggles. Sheryl & Kevin shared their experience receiving renal nutrition therapy, adding their voices to Neil & Nancy’s whose stories debuted in 2019. Our patients discuss the trials and tribulations they had to overcome in order to feel like themselves again, and how IDPN & IPN helped them on their journey to do just that. To watch their stories again, click here.

National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week was an opportunity to recognize the work our Targeted Drug Delivery nurses do every day. This year we highlighted the individual hard work from Beth Landis, RN and Amy Durn, RN. Our nurses believe that each visit is more than just a pump refill or adjustment. Beth and Amy see it as an opportunity to build relationships with our patients, identify individual needs, and encourage them to implement additional pain management strategies when appropriate. We cannot thank our nurses enough for all the selfless work they do each and every day! To hear from Amy & Beth, click here.

2020 Conferences

Our Renal & TDD divisions collectively attended over 20 conferences in 2020! Even though our team members were unable to attend most of these conferences in person, each conference had an amazing outcome despite going virtual and we were able to adapt and be present.

Pentec Prime

In the month of September, we were excited to introduce the launch of our new educational series Pentec Prime. Each year we will feature 3 unique topic 'themes' providing new content centered around relevant nutritional topics. We will continue to have quarterly themes in 2021 and we are thrilled to continue providing education to enhance clinical knowledge and practice.

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