May 6, 2021 / Blog

Day in the Life of a Pentec Health TDD Nurse

Nurses are an integral part of Pentec Health Targeted Drug Delivery. This year for National Nurses Week, we wanted to share a glimpse of what a typical work day looks like for our team. We spoke with Erin & Harmony who gave us an inside perspective on what being an intrathecal pump nurse means to them. You can ‘meet’ a few more of our nurses at


First things first—I need to pick up my medications from the local Ship Center.

After checking to make sure all the medications are correct, I am off to the first patient, then the second, and maybe even a third or fourth. There is a lot of planning that goes into timing everything right—you must account for possible shipping delays and traffic while being sure to arrive at your patients’ appointments on time!

During my drives to and from patients, I’m also managing calls from patients and physicians and reminding patients of their visits with me the next day.

Once visits are completed for the day, I head back home to chart on the patients from the day. Much time is spent at the computer entering patient assessments, new medications, and scheduling their delivery for the next refill.

Finally, I can complete checking and responding to emails from the day and organizing visits for the upcoming weeks all while checking in with patients frequently to see how they are doing in between refills. I may also need to attend a meeting or educational offering as well before the day is over.

This may sound like a lot—most days it really is! But you get a rhythm down and in the end it’s all worth it for the patients and the personal satisfaction. It is not just a job, but something I really enjoy doing. I wouldn’t change anything.


I didn’t truly realize what being a nurse was until I became a home health nurse. Being in patients’ homes and connecting with them and their families became personal. I began to think solely and critically about the patient when I didn’t have a laundry list of tasks and call bells to address. When I started with Pentec Health, I then realized my passion for my company and for my profession. This was a rare opportunity and I knew I struck gold when I started my job here. I feel valued, loved, invested in, and treasured which inspires to me offer the same care to my patients. Every day is different. Most days I am on the road driving to see anywhere from one to four patients a day. There are some days we call ‘office days’ that allow us to make phone calls, finish charting, or complete our required learning. I have very few ‘bad days’ in my profession now. I love that I am providing care to patients I’ve had for up to six years. I am family to them. We laugh, we cry, and we share memories. This bonding not only brightens their day but also brightens mine and gives me hope. Being a nurse is about caring for and loving others—investing in someone so that they may be well mentally, emotionally, and physically—with the goal that your care inspires them to invest and love others as well.