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The clinical team at Pentec Health specializes in the management of malnutrition within the ESRD population. IDPN and IPN are the only therapies dispensed from the renal pharmacy which allows Pentec Health’s clinical team to provide unparalleled expertise.

Dedicated experts to help Nephrologists and clinicians improve their patient’s nutritional status and overall quality of life.

Pentec Health offers a Clinical Assistance Program to support clinicians with the treatment of malnourished dialysis patients. Pentec Health’s Clinical Case Manager specializes in Renal Nutrition and Nutrition Support and strives to maximize a patient’s response to IDPN and IPN therapy.

Key components of the clinical assistance program:

Onboarding Process

  • The Clinical Case Manager (CCM) confirms patient qualification criteria for therapy is met prior to initiation of IDPN or IPN therapy.
  • The CCM can provide guidance regarding patients who may benefit from these therapies and answer therapy related questions.

Monitoring Functions

  • The goal of the Clinical Assistance program is to ensure that all patients meet nutritional goals while receiving IDPN or IPN therapy.
  • The CCM will review nutrition outcomes of the IDPN and IPN patients quarterly and as needed to assure the patient's nutritional goals are met. Suggestions are offered as indicated throughout the course of treatment, based on a patient’s response to therapy.
  • Pentec Health's Albumin Drop System uses a proactive approach to track and trend albumin data received. The albumin drop system identifies patients who have had declines in the albumin which trigger the CCM to review the patient’s status.
  • The Clinical Case Manager will offer interventions for patients who are experiencing side effects in an attempt to allow patients to remain on therapy until goals are met.
  • Albumin graphs can be provided to illustrate serum albumin trends.

Clinical Support

  • The Clinical Case Manager is an extension of the clinic healthcare team and serves as a resource for all clinical questions or concerns. They provide guidance regarding existing patients on therapy as well as potential patients who may benefit from these therapies.

Referral and Therapy Process

  • Pentec Health has existing contracts with both government and private insurers. Pentec Health’s Insurance Coordinators are familiar with all requirements for reimbursement and provide the patient with optimal opportunities for therapy coverage. All insurance verification and prior authorizations from insurance carriers are handled by Pentec Health’s experienced reimbursement team

Delivery of Product
  • All IDPN and IPN solutions are delivered via shipping courier using a validated shipping procedure to ensure proper temperature controls are maintained throughout the shipping process.

Pharmacy Support

The pharmacy team also offers many services, including:

  • Resolving any discrepancies found during the initial review of medication profile including dosing errors, duplications, and interactions
  • Contacting the patient prior to the start of care to review new therapy (IPN or home IDPN) and answer any questions the patient may have including, but not limited to: administration, goals of therapy, storage and delivery schedule.
  • Establishing Care Plans for all the home patients as a way to monitor therapy and ensure patients are progressing towards their goals.
  • Routinely reviewing and updating medication profile and Care Plans.
  • Mailing medication profile to the patient’s home upon discharge to ensure a smooth transition of care.

Electrolyte Management

  • If additional additives are required, Pentec Health’s pharmacists will assist in the management of electrolyte disorders, including refeeding syndrome. After assisting with the initial order, routine follow-up is performed to monitor therapy and provide suggestions for dosing adjustments. Oral supplementation and dietary recommendations are also provided.

Quality Assurance

  • Pentec Health maintains established protocols and quality control measures which ensure the safe and accurate compounding of every sterile preparation dispensed to the patients entrusted to our care. Our Pharmacy Quality team performs environmental monitoring, which meets and exceeds the requirements of USP 797 guidelines for sterile compounding. This includes daily non-viable particle testing, daily final product testing, monthly air viable and surface sampling, and personnel monitoring within the clean room to ensure the sterility and quality of the nutritional solutions dispensed by Pentec Health.

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