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August 18, 2023 / Press

Americans with Metabolic Diseases Have Access To Firstplay Dietary Foods and Promin Low-Protein Foods via Exclusive Distribution Agreement With Pentec Health, ZOIA Pharma

Glen Mills, PA – Aug. 17, 2023 – People living in the U.S. with metabolic disorders now have access to Firstplay Dietary Foods and Promin low-protein food products through an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Pentec Health and ZOIA Pharma. Pentec’s ability to support expanded coverage across Medicaid and private insurance will make it easier for people with metabolic disorders like phenylketonuria (PKU) to access the foods that help them stay healthy.

PKU is a genetic condition that requires lifetime management, including a special low-protein diet. Firstplay offers more than 100 low-protein foods, including cereal, pasta, meat substitutes, bread, breakfast bars, smoothies and desserts. A family company based in the U.K., Firstplay began manufacturing low-protein foods in 1984 and launched the Promin brand in 1993 in response to demands from patients, parents and healthcare professionals. Firstplay’s market-leading product development team continually draws inspiration from the low-protein community for the creation of additional foods.

“As other companies are exiting the market, we are investing to help support families living with PKU,” said David Lindsley, vice president and general manager of Medical Foods at Pentec. “We offer a complete solution to those with rare metabolic diseases who need both formula and low-protein foods. We are committed to providing full service to this community in a way no other provider has done, including comprehensive insurance support to be sure patients get coverage and reimbursement for these vital medical foods.”

Providing these and other vital foods to people with PKU through ZOIA’s exclusive distributorship of Firstplay and Promin foods further solidifies Pentec’s commitment to expanding its services into emerging and underserved areas of clinical nutrition as a Complex Care Provider.

“We’re very excited that Pentec and ZOIA have joined forces,” said Tom Fletcher, managing director of Firstplay. “We’re proud to provide quality products that support patients requiring low-protein diets, and it’s always been mission-critical for us to collaborate with partners who align with our values. ZOIA shares our passion for best-in-class products and services, and we look forward to growing this patient-focused relationship across the U.S. under the Pentec umbrella.”

Firstplay and Promin have long been widely known and highly regarded in the PKU community.

“I have worked with Promin since the start of their family-owned business and find they are one of the most innovative low-protein companies that I have worked with,” said Anita Macdonald, PhD, BSC in Dietetics, Birmingham Children’s Hospital, U.K. “They produce a wide variety of tasty, quick and easy-to-use low-protein foods and listen to patients and their families. They work hard to develop new ideas that utilize the latest technology. They clearly care about their customers and do everything they can to support them.”

PKU is a genetic condition that prevents the body from breaking down Phe, which helps build protein in the body. The condition requires close adherence to a special low-protein diet to prevent behavioral problems, developmental delays and severe intellectual disability. The diet requires supplementation of amino acid-based medical foods to prevent protein deficiency and optimize metabolic control. Following the diet is challenging so ensuring access to a variety of medical foods is crucial to improve adherence, especially for children. About 16,500 people are living with PKU in the U.S., according to the National PKU Alliance.

About Pentec Health

Pentec Health is committed to solving and simplifying complex care challenges to better meet patient and provider needs. Pentec’s unique solutions, based on empathy, technical expertise, and clinical collaboration, deliver exceptional results through proven delivery models that reduce administrative burdens and improve outcomes through trusted, long-term relationships. Pentec Health serves more than 11,000 patients living with complex medical conditions, with care provided across the nation by more than 350 clinicians.

About ZOIA Pharma

ZOIA Pharma is a family-owned boutique medical supply company with more than 20 years of experience in medical sales and insurance reimbursement for rare diseases. Operated by a Registered Dietitian with a deep-rooted history of importing and selling enteral formula throughout the United States, ZOIA is relentless in making sure families receive formula that is prescribed by their healthcare professional.