May 2, 2018 / News and Events

Pentec Health Celebrates 35th Anniversary

Pentec Health, a leader in patient-specific sterile compounding and outsourced sterile solutions, has reached a milestone this May, celebrating 35 years of business! The company has grown its footprint from a small local provider of patient-specific compounded solutions to a national provider of patient-specific services and IV solutions in renal dialysis and targeted drug delivery as well as a national outsourced sterile solutions provider. The private company located in the Philadelphia suburbs has grown to employ over 600 local employees with remote staff aligned throughout the United States. To celebrate, the company is renewing its focus on patient centered care and commitment to the local community.

“It gives me great pride to celebrate the 35th anniversary with Pentec Health employees, provider partners, and business partners. We certainly have come a long way since the business was started in 1983. The healthcare landscape has changed significantly since the company was founded and we have and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of patients and providers through this changing backdrop. We are very excited about the continued growth and future of our company and what that means to the region’s economy and patients nationwide. Although our company continues to grow in numbers, we remain nimble and responsive; a real testimony to our commitment of being a company that is large enough to serve, and small enough to care,” said Joseph Cosgrove, Chairman, President and CEO of Pentec Health.

Pentec Health has three divisions that focus on exceptional patient care and quality of services. Their first, Targeted Drug Delivery, has a unique primary care nursing model to help care for and manage intrathecal pumps in a flexible environment that serves patients’ needs best. The second division, Renal, focuses on providing nutritional services to malnourished Chronic Kidney Disease 5 (CKD-5) patients on renal dialysis. The newest division, 503B, provides outsourced sterile compounding to meet the nation’s institutional needs via patented products Snap-N-Go® and Dilute-N-Go®.

About Pentec Health

For almost 40 years, Pentec Health has been an industry leader in providing patient-specific, compounded sterile medications. Pentec Health’s formulations are used for administration in dialysis centers, as well as providing in-home Targeted Drug Delivery through nursing services and complex pharmaceutical products to patients who require access outside of a hospital setting. Pentec Health has built a tradition of exceptional patient care by committing to quality, safety, and innovation. We aim to be the provider of choice for outsourced products, sterile preparations, and services in the healthcare marketplace. For more information, please visit

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