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Good Nutrition Is Vital During Dialysis

When you are on dialysis, your protein and calorie needs are higher. In fact, dialysis patients need about 50% more protein than normal. Even if you follow your dialysis diet very carefully, you may still have a hard time getting vital nutrition through food and dietary supplements alone.

Some Dialysis Patients Need More Protein Than a Good Diet Or Supplements Can Provide

Two forms of added nutrition, given during dialysis, can provide significant amounts of needed protein without having to drink or eat more:

Real Patient Success Stories

Watch videos of dialysis patients who’ve benefited from IDPN/IPN Therapy.

“It was amazing how fast my numbers shot up. Protein, along with the treatment, has definitely improved my quality of life.”

What is IDPN?

If diet and supplements are not sufficient enough as a source of nutrition, your physician and treatment team may recommend intravenous (IV) IDPN (intradialytic parenteral nutrition) to give you additional nutrients during dialysis. This therapy provides your body with protein, contains the minimal amount of dextrose (a type of carbohydrate) and, for some patients, may also contain lipids (a type of fat) for additional calories. The goal of the therapy is to improve your appetite, strength and energy. It is administered by your dialysis nurse, who connects the solution to the venous chamber of the dialysis machine.

Watch our video on “IDPN Nutrition Therapy”.

What is IPN?

For patients on peritoneal dialysis, intraperitoneal nutrition (IPN) is a nutrition therapy that provides your body with the nutrients you need to stay healthy. IPN contains a form of protein that is used more quickly by your body than protein found in the foods you eat. It also contains low dextrose (a type of carbohydrate). IPN is safe to be placed directly into the peritoneal cavity and is usually administered by the patient in their home.

Watch our video on “IPN Nutrition Therapy”.

Quick Questionnaire: How Do I Know if IDPN/IPN Therapy Might Be Right for Me?

Answer a few questions to see if you should speak to your dietitian, nurse or physician about the benefits of IDPN/IPN Therapy.

Are you receiving dialysis?

Have you followed a high-protein diet or taken protein supplements as directed by your dietitian?

Are you feeling weak, losing weight, or having difficulty eating?

Is your albumin level less than 3.5 g/dL?

IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO ANY OF THE ABOVE, you have three options to find out if IDPN/IPN Therapy might be right for you:

  1. Download important information about IDPN/IPN Therapy to review and take to your dietitian or healthcare provider
  2. Complete this form to have a Pentec Health representative contact you
  3. Call 1-877-369-1842 to speak with a Pentec Health representative directly

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