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See How Real Patients on Dialysis Benefited from the Nutrition They Received from IDPN/IPN Therapy

Learn How IDPN/IPN Therapy Helped Sheryl Increase Her Appetite, Even on Dialysis

“It really does help you build up. And it builds up your desire for food. And that also helps you do more things.”

In 2000, Sheryl was rushed to the hospital with high blood pressure when doctors diagnosed her with kidney failure. She quickly began peritoneal dialysis but, after developing complications, she transitioned to dialysis at a clinic. This continued until Sheryl eventually received a kidney transplant in 2007! Unfortunately, more health problems arose years later. The doctors even told Sheryl’s family to prepare for end-of-life care. However, even though her comorbid conditions initially made dialysis more difficult, IDPN (intradialytic parenteral nutrition) therapy has helped her this time around. She now has more energy and feels better after treatments when compared to her prior experience.